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Benefits of using our service
Much cheaper and faster than the “Golden Visa” of Portugal
Our full services costs are 3,000€, whereas a Golden Visa will cost you over than 500,000€
Pathway to Portuguese (and EU) citizenship in only 5 years
No double taxation for first 10 years (tax exempt in Portugal)
Success for you - without a costly Lawyer involved
We save you significant money and time, by being a “one-stop shop service” for your D7 visa
A convenient, easy visa for financially independent persons
We will help you collect all necessary documents and obtain a D7 Passive Income Visa to enter Portugal
How can I apply for a D7 visa to Portugal?
If your dream is to move to Portugal for permanent residence, your best bet is a D7 visa. There are 2 ways to get the visa, the complicated and the easy method

1. Contact the embassy, and pay the visa fee. After that, personally fly to Portugal to collect documents, bring them back to your embassy (a complicated, costly, time consuming method)

2. Contact the embassy pay the visa fee and Contact Us. Our service saves you a costly trip to Portugal and the collection of documents (an easy, affordable, fast method)

We will do everything for you – such as opening a bank account, securing local tax and government numbers, and help in securing 1 years’ accommodation in Portugal, which is required.

Who can get a D7 visa and a residence permit in Portugal?

Persons with passive income can apply for a D7 visa and a residence permit. "Passive income" refers to related the regular receipt of - Rental Monies from a property, Bonds, Pensions, Dividends, or Royalties for a provable period of 12 months or more

Main Requirement - We suggest at least 12,000€ a year of provable passive income for the main applicant. With an extra 50% of that for the spouse, and an extra 30% for each child.

D7 visa processing: our terms, price, required documents

Months 1-3 – time it takes to collect documents (depending on the number of applicants for a visa and urgency)

Our fees:

  • 3000€ for the main applicant.
  • 1500€ for each additional family member

We take care of everything for you from start to finish, and pay all associated costs for you to obtain the D7 visa

3 documents required at the start

  • Your Passport
  • Application Forms
  • Power of Attorney from a Notary given to us to work on your behalf (and a certificate of criminal record)

As soon as we receive all the necessary documents and begin our work for you, you should in 2 months (barring delays) get a visa appointment at your country’s Portuguese Embassy to enter Portugal to start your new life.

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